Multi-annual estimate


The multi-annual estimate puts the 2019 amended budget and the 2020 initial budget in a multi-annual perspective. The purpose of this estimate is to provide as complete a picture as possible of the budget margin that will be created over the coming years within a constant policy framework.

The effect of the economic downturn because of covid-19 on the budget of the following years is not yet available.


Net Financing Needs
(in million euro) BR 2019 IB 2020 BR 2020 MYE 2021 MYE 2022 MYE 2023 MYE 2024
Net Financing needs including impact of stricter budgetary surveillance 81,252 -623,427 -4,253,796 -180,142 -384,536 -456,485 -113,286
Net Financing needs excl. Oosterweel 154,167 -431,53 -4,152,116 79,972 5,548 133,666 494,204